Quality Single Mattress Singapore


Nowadays we have a very extensive variant of sizes available for single mattresses (80×190, 80×200, 90×190, 90×200 etc.). Once you have chosen the right size to ensure that your single mattress fits perfectly on its base, the next thing to do is to choose the material for which your mattress will be replaced quality single mattress singapore.

The single latex mattress

Buying a single latex mattress can bring many benefits, especially if you suffer from back pain. Latex itself is a material of natural origin derived from the rubber plant which may or may not be mixed with a part of synthetic latex to create the mattress.

Latex has the characteristic of adapting to the body shapes of those who sleep on it and of being a very elastic and breathable material. It also has the property of being thermoregulator and therefore of regulating the temperature to perfection. Compared to other single foam mattresses, however, a latex mattress could be more rigid and if not kept well clean and ventilated it could lead to the formation of mold or mildew.

Quality Single Mattress Singapore

The single spring mattress

Spring mattresses are the most popular single mattress type on the market and are still the most popular at the moment. The characteristic of a single mattress of this type is precisely the presence of helical springs which are able to support well the weight of the body of the user of the mattress and which can be single or bagged.

One of the advantages of a single spring mattressit is first of all its durability and resistance, which allow it not to lose its shape for many years. However, spring mattresses are much stiffer than foam mattresses and do not have the ability to adapt and relieve the pressure points of the body of those who sleep on the mattress and therefore are not very suitable for those suffering from back pain. If you buy a single spring mattress, you must also pay close attention to its height and the number of springs inside it, which can greatly affect the comfort of the mattress itself.

The single memory foam mattress

Memory foam is one of the most popular materials in the mattress market at the moment but … why? In fact, if you buy a single memory foam mattress , you will immediately perceive significant benefits and an increase in the quality of your sleep.