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The process of designing your house’s interior may be laborious and time-consuming, but the sense of accomplishment you will experience once your new home or BTO is complete is unforgettable! As much as most of us place a high value on the interior design of our houses, one thing is sure: our front door is one of the first things that visitors notice when they enter our home, no matter how cliché it may seem. This feature of a house is frequently neglected, even though it is a necessary fixture. It is typically pre-installed when a property is bought. Whether you reside in an HDB, condo, or landed property, doors are one of the most underappreciated aspects of a home’s aesthetics.

The largest showroom in Singapore for hdb door, Main gate, bedroom door, toilet doors, barn doors, a wide range of digital locks, and mattresses that can be combined according to the customer’s requirements at an affordable factory pricing is located at Singapore International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

Hdb Door

Wide range of options to select the best door

The most recent styles, many variations, and more than 1000 choices are available. Make contact with AN Digital Lock. The installation of the doors will be carried out by qualified personnel. All of the entries are manufactured with rigorous quality assurance by a local manufacturer in Singapore. They are odorless, scratch, and water-resistant while still being offered at factory rates, making them a great value. The doors they manufacture are also entirely customized, and they provide extra benefits such as door hardware, accessories, and installation.

Finding the highest-quality main door for your HDB is the source of much consternation. There is just one option for the main door: wood. It is divided into four types: laminate door, veneer door, solid (Nyatoh) door, and classic door. Laminate doors are the most common kind of door. As the biggest primary door manufacturer and supplier in Singapore, they have a strong presence in the region. Get the most up-to-date main door design for your high-rise building.

When someone walks into a room, the door is the first thing that attracts their attention. It welcomes its vision and creates the initial impression that every visitor or guest has when they arrive. It is possible that a door is not the basis of your house’s interior design, but it might be considered the profile image of your home.

All homeowners need to have an aesthetically appealing door that can protect them from the elements such as the sun, rain, wind, and bothersome bugs. It is essential to have a door design that is appropriate for your house.


Households often take their doors for granted, failing to recognize the importance and impact that they have. The front door of your house serves a function other than that of a piece of furniture or an entryway. It is a depiction of your home as well as a sign of what it represents.