Resolve all your queries about carpet supplier

Carpet is considered to be a textile floor that consists of an upper layer that is properly attached to the backing. Many carpet suppliers can provide you with numerous types of carpets. Usually, it is made from polyester, wool, nylon as well as polypropylene. These kinds of fibres are less exorbitant than wool. The pile is full of tufts that are gradually twisted and they are heated for maintaining the structure.

Some people also refer to the carpet as a rug but in comparison, rugs are usually smaller and cannot be attached to your floor.

How many types of carpets are there?

Carpet supplier supply a wide range of carpets with various fibres which can be added to the home. Some of the carpets prove to be very durable. Some of the different types of carpets are as follows:-

  • Shag Carpet
  • Cut-loop carpet
  • Plush pile
  • Polyester Carpet
  • Loop pile carpet

What kind of fibres a carpet is made from?

The fibre decides the quality of the carpet. So it’s important to be aware of it before purchasing a carpet. Here is the list of the fibres from which carpet is usually made:-

#1. Nylon

Nylon is one of the highly durable as well as resistant to stain fibre of the carpet. It tops the preference of the people who purchase carpets for their homes. It is also a suitable choice for heavy traffic in stairs as well as hallways.

#2. Polyester

Polyester tops the preference of those who want to give their carpet a touch of luxury and it also constitutes vibrant colours that make Kekeee it looksksksore attractive.

#3. Olefin

Olefin is known for its good moisture resistance, but it is preferred after nylon as well as polyester for wearability. It is most suitable for the construction of loopholes or densely cut piles.

#4. Wool

It is known for its natural beauty. Carpets that are made of wool possess soil resistance qualities that don’t necessarily mean that they are resistant to stain. It is also very attractive.

What to look for while buying a carpet?

Before opting for a particular carpet you should look for the following factors such as:-

  • The fibre which is made from
  • Cleaning process
  • Pet friendly
  • Longevity

These are some of the factors which you should look for at the time of purchasing a carpet.