A Suitable 4 Room Hdb Flat For Sale In Woodlands

Woodlands is best-known for the natural beauty it presents. Incidentally, in Admiralty and Marsiling estates, this town was described as Woodlands owing to its appearance of a heavily-wooded area when viewed from the Johor side of the Straits. Industrialization started in the late 70s when the place began to see a surge in the number of inhabitants. Now, almost 50 years later, the place is fully furnished and suitable to find a proper 4 room hdb flat for sale in woodlands. Woodlands was one of Singapore’s biggest HDB towns, but then it experienced a population boom in the 1990s, shortly after it was developed.

Figures regarding Woodlands

The place has 5 MRT stations, out of which 3 are completed, whereas 2 are future projects. The place has 22 primary schools along with 3 shopping malls. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the education of your child.

Other facilities

The main shopping mall is in Causeway Point. Woodlands also remains true to its name, with multiple parks dotted across its land. The place has appropriate health and emergency facilities within proximity if needed.

Rates in Woodlands

The place offers tranquillity as the number of inhabitants is only 250000. The prices of HDB resale flats in Woodlands are among the lowest of all the HDB towns, reflecting their buyers’ affordability. The larger area the flat has, the more expensive it becomes.

Woodlands is seen as the gateway to Johor Bahru and the industrial node. Buyers tend to perceive it as far from the city.


For the past 10 years, rental property prices in Woodlands have risen by an average of 45% to 60%. This is modest compared to the 76% increase over the same period in other neighboring regions. It is considered an investment to buy an HDB in Woodlands because it is near employment nodes, MRT stations, and amenities since these properties are more likely to draw tenants every year.


Woodlands also beckons with affordable public housing, established private housing, an ecosystem of functional amenities with leisure options, and a boost from its proximity to Johor Bahru. Thus, it is not likely to lose value, but instead, it will gather profit over time. Buying a 4 room hdb flat for sale in woodlands is an investment as well as a profitable deal.