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96Interiors understands how difficult it may be to find the ideal designer to assist you with your building project with the best bto renovation cost that is affordable and reasonable. Due to the information you gave on their online form, they are convinced that the firms they propose will be your taste and base their recommendations on that information. With so much going on, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and overlook a few important details here and there. Examine the remodeling contract thoroughly to ensure that all of the details have been addressed. This comprises the material, size, and quantity of work that has been agreed upon.

Renovation resolves all housing issues

Even though there is no doubting the significance of the kitchen, some would say that wet spaces are more effective at selling houses. Many buyers consider the bathrooms to be equally as vital as the kitchen when purchasing a home. However, if your basic plumbing is in excellent working condition, you may not have to spend much money to rebuild your toilets and other bathroom fixtures. It is important to understand that a Standard BTO apartment does not include any floor finishes for the unit itself.

When it comes to housing alternatives for wedding couples, a built-to-order (BTO) apartment quickly becomes one of the cheapest and accessible. If you and your spouse have just received the keys to your new house, please accept our heartfelt congratulations! Although the house is legally yours, how and when it becomes a home is up to you. Exactly what kind of improvements will you require?

A Premium BTO flat, on the other hand, is pre-finished with floor finishes in the living room, kitchen, household shelter, service yard, and bathrooms, among other things. Occasionally, an issue may arise throughout the course of the remodeling project. Preventing miscommunications or misconceptions requires being organized and maintaining a record of any pending issues. They might be problems with the remodeling work, such as delays, or they could be small concerns that need to be addressed.


Renovation companies often work with homeowners wishing to remodel their new homes, resale homes completely, or want to give their kitchen and bathroom a facelift. During BTO renovations, one of the most prevalent challenges is making a tiny room seem bigger than it is. As a result, hiring an interior design firm with a track record of success is a prudent move. 96Interiors will transform your house, leaving a lasting image that will be remembered for years to come.