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In New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Queensland, Vanguard Valuations is an industry-leading and highly regarded property valuation company. Vanguard Valuations has more than 50 years of industry experience and a team of highly regarded expert property valuers who cover all property types and valuation requirements.

At Vanguard Valuations, the prompt delivery of their professional property valuation reports is a point of pride. They will deliver their reports in accordance with your specified deadlines and are willing to accommodate urgent requests.

In addition, they provide a highly individualized service with an emphasis on providing clear, accurate, and concise property advice for any purpose. Their appraisers have access to a massive database and the most in-demand valuation tools.

Why Should You Choose Vanguard Valuation?


They are an independent company with no ties to other entities, such as real estate agents or banks. Your best interests are their top priority, while maintaining strict objectivity and independence from outside influences.


They take pride in their prompt service delivery and aim for a quick turnaround time. They collaborate to provide you with accurate valuations within your desired timeframe.

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They employ a tried and true methodology to ensure accurate asset valuations. Their Certified Professional Valuers (CPV) have over fifty years of experience in valuation.


In order to develop a working relationship and instill confidence in them, it is crucial to establish and maintain trust. Since valuation is important to them, they can be reached via email or telephone for all inquiries.

Among Vanguard’s services are:

Purchasing and Selling Real Estate in Australia: How a Property Valuation Report Can Help

In a competitive real estate market, knowing the market value of a property will give buyers and sellers an advantage. Our expert appraisers can shed light on a property’s actual market value. This can assist you in formulating an effective purchasing or selling strategy.

Capital Gains Tax and Valuation Services for Self-Managed Superfunds

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has authorized Vanguard Valuations to conduct CGT property valuations. Vanguard is able to perform both current and retrospective CGT market valuations.

Family Law Appraisals

Vanguard Valuations understands how emotionally and physically taxing a divorce can be, and as such, they strive to make the property valuation process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Vanguard Valuations takes pride in its dedication to delivering accurate, trustworthy, and transparent property valuation advice and reports. They have a team of experienced property appraisers who specialize in separation and Family Law property valuations.

At Vanguard, they can assist you with the convenience of your life without much difficulty, thereby making your life happier and less stressful. Please visit for more information, inquiries, and other services.