How to Use a Spirit Level?

Every DIYer or professional tradesperson should own a spirit level. Spirit levels are also called bubble levels. It’s used to check the accuracy of a surface or object or to create a perfectly level surface. Understanding how to use a spirit level correctly is the key to completing any project.

1. Read the Instructions:

Always read the instructions included with your spirit level before using it. Depending on the model, the spirit level may have different features and functions. Familiarize yourself with the various settings and functions of the tool before using it.

2. Choose the Right Spirit Level:

Choose a spirit level that is the right size for the job. For example, a short, hand-held spirit level is better for small jobs, while a longer one is better for larger projects. Also, consider the accuracy of the level. A higher quality level will provide a more accurate reading.

3. Check the Accuracy of the Spirit Level:

Before using the spirit level, check its accuracy. Place the level on a flat, level surface and check the bubble. If the bubble is not in the centre of the tube, adjust the level until it is.

4. Check the Surface:

Before using the spirit level, check the surface to make sure it is level. If the surface is not level, use a straight edge or another tool to level it.

5. Place the Level on the Surface:

Once the surface is level, place the spirit level on the surface. Make sure the level is firmly seated on the surface and that the bubble is in the centre of the tube.

6. Check the Bubble:

Observe the bubble. If the bubble is in the centre of the tube, the surface is level. If the bubble is not in the centre, adjust the surface until the bubble is centered.

7. Take Measurements:

Once the surface is level, take measurements. Use the spirit level to measure the distance between two points or to measure angles.

8. Calibrate the Spirit Level:

Over time, the accuracy of the spirit level may decrease. To ensure accuracy, it’s important to periodically calibrate the level. Follow the instructions included with the level to calibrate it.


Using a spirit level correctly is key to any successful project. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and choose the right spirit level for the job. Check the accuracy of the level before using it and take measurements accurately. Periodically calibrate the level to ensure accuracy. With the proper use of a spirit level, you can be sure that your projects will turn out just the way you want them to.