Simple IKEA Hacks

The Simple IKEA Hacks for Tight Quarters

Faced with ever-shrinking flats, resourceful renters are turning their lack of room into a creative challenge, offering their decor and storage ideas to assist the rest of us make the most of our space. They’ve discovered that IKEA has a plethora of tiny-space furniture solutions that can be used and recycled in a variety of ways, ranging from ingenious storage ideas for small bedrooms to kitchen organizing.

IKEA is credited with practically inventing the life hack, or at the very least championing it with surgical precision. With these IKEA hacks for small spaces, whether you’re moving into a dorm room or making the most of a compact home, you can make it all work on a budget.

  • Strangle Small Storage Contents

IKEA’s containers provide a cost-effective way to add storage to any corner or cranny. For convenient storage, use a pair of Velcro strips to fasten it to the interior of a cabinet or to the side of the wall. These containers are perfect for adding storage to the interior of your closet for socks and shoes, or on the wall beside your desk for pencils and notepads in a dorm room.

IKEA hacks

  • Use a Picture Rail in a New Way

Install an IKEA picture rail if you have a bathroom that isn’t much bigger than a postage stamp with a matching pedestal sink that has no storage or counter space. It can be mounted directly above the sink. You’ve created a chic storage solution for toiletries, makeup, and other essentials that are easy to view, grab, and use.

  • Towel Bar Transformation

Install a bar on the inside of a cupboard or on the wall to keep all of your pots and pans’ lids to save counter or cupboard space. Do you need to get rid of all those seasoning jars? Install many towel bars on the wall, spaced a few inches apart, and you’ve got a place to keep all those spices organized and visible.

  • Improve the Simple Wardrobe

If you don’t have a closet in your small bedroom, or if the one you do have was constructed for a different era, a free-standing wardrobe can help. Add some extra wood detail and new hardware to an IKEA closet to give it a facelift. Then it feels like a piece that can add style to any place, whether it’s serving as a closet in your bedroom or a catch-all cabinet in your main living area.

While living in a tiny place typically necessitates downsizing your belongings, becoming creative with your storage solutions may be enjoyable. With just a few tools, DIY ideas, and IKEA basics, you can make the most of your floor area and maximize your small home.