Right Lighting For Your Home? Here Are Some Tips!

Right Lighting For Your Home? Here Are Some Tips!

Using the right lighting for the rooms in your home is crucial. And choosing the correct lighting to install is not going to be easy. If you search online, do not be surprised if you have plenty of lighting options to choose from. You can pick from various types of lights depending on your preference. Still, there are just too many to choose from especially if you buy from FCI London.

You need to invest a lot of time and effort to select the perfect rights for the space that they are going in. If you want to make sure which ones are the best choice for each room, then here are some tips for you.


The entryway is the very first part of your home that your guests will see. This means that you would want this to be as friendly and inviting as possible. Avoid picking task lights and accent lights because these are too bright for the entryway. Instead, you can have a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. This is perfect for entryways with tall ceilings. If that is not possible, don’t fret because you can choose a lighting fixture that has a warm tone.


The bedroom is easy because it only needs warm lighting. Task lighting should be in the center of the room for reading. And you also need bedside table lamps that you can switch on and off depending on which you prefer when watching television.

Lighting For Your Home

Dining Room

For dining rooms, you need a light that can give you enough light but is not as bright as the LED ones. You can place a chandelier or if not, have a couple of pendant lights over the dining room table. You want to avoid extremely low pendant lights as you would not want to hit the heads of your guests.


In the kitchen, you might need a couple of differen types of lights. For example, you need bright lighting in the kitchen island while a bit dimmer in other areas that are not used as often. You can also use pendant lights over your sink or kitchen island. This will not only look good but functional too.

Living Room

For the living room, this is your space for entertainment or relaxation. This means that you should have access to bright light here at all times. If you do not have wide windows to let in natural light, you can have floor lamps or table lamps. You can also choose to use scones because they usually have dimmer switches to allow you to adjust them depending on the mood.

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