Power Tools Every DIYer Must Have At Home

Power Tools Every DIYer Must Have At Home

Time and time again you will be faced with a simple fix needed at home that does not really require you to call a handyman or a carpenter. If you are into DIY projects then it is very important that you have the power tools ready to use anytime. But what are these must-have power tools that you can buy from home hardware stores? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Circular Saw

Circular saws can do a lot of different things. In fact, you can do without a miter saw and a table saw if you have a circular saw. To make accurate cuts with a circular saw you need a steady hand as well as a guide bar. This is one of the must-have power tools to make your DIY projects easier.

Table Saw

Table saws are really good when it comes to ripping cuts. You can cut lumber to your exact specifications and also round the edges of boards or cut large sheets for your furniture and cabinetry projects. The table saw can make small rips and straight cuts.

Miter Saw

If you want to add crown molding, you need to make accurate miter and bevel cuts. And this is what a miter saw can help you with. All you need is a compound sliding miter saw. This tool is inexpensive and is a must-have for your DIY projects.

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Power Sander

A power sander can do a lot of things. You can use it to smooth, strip, and create a fine finish with almost any surface without a hassle. Sanding by hand is not only time-consuming but takes a lot of effort especially when you are working on a large project. A power sander can cut down the time you spend instead of doing it by hand.


Drill + Impact Driver

Your drill is like an extra pair of hands when you are working on a project. That is why it is advised to invest in a more powerful drill. This power tool can also be used as an impact driver, a combo that can save space in your toolbox.

Rotary Tool

You won’t realize that you need this tool until you start using it. In fact, you will wonder how you could have missed owning one of these. This is very useful in cutting metal, sanding, drilling, and etching. This tool can let you do so much with the right bit.


These are just some of the many power tools that you can have at home. Each has specific uses that can make your life easier. Fixing things at home is not going to be easy but if you have the right equipment, then your time and effort will be cut down.