plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters: Light Control And Privacy Of Your Windows

There are multiple benefits when investing in the privacy of your home. It could be a smart lock door and windows. Other good investments are the plantation shutters with its great features, such as:


  • timeless
  • neutral
  • clean
  • simple design aesthetic

However, it is not only the appearance that interior shutters provide. Some practical benefits give them an advantage over other window dressings.

Plantation shutters for privacy

Interior window shutters are chosen from homes in street-facing properties or in a more built-up area for the privacy they provide. The plantation-slatted style of the shutter means that you can still see and get light from outside into your home. The passers can’t see inside the home. In addition, there are different styles of interior shutters available, such as:

  • full height
  • tier on tier
  • cafe style

You can consider how much privacy is required. For example, in street-facing properties there are many footfalls on the ground level with people that walk past the windows, but perhaps quite dark due as on the built-up street. Clients choose half-height cafe-style shutters. It is because they have maximum privacy at a lower level, but the upper panels of the windows are left free to allow more light to come in. The tier-on tier is a popular consideration for this as the option of both independently operated upper and lower operated.

8 Advantages Of Outdoor Plantation Shutters That You Can't Ignore

Shutters are giving more light control

Along with the privacy, one of the main benefits of the plantation shutters is the level of light control they provide. It sets the shutters apart from the alternative window dressings. Whether shutters are folded back fully for the maximum light or closed with slats fully open. Whether the slats are adjusted to the half angle or whether they are fully closed.

Shutters are easy to adjust and you can be completely in control to choose the light level you require at all times.


In the older properties, no window is quite the same. Windows come in many different sizes and shapes. Windows can be slanted and walls can be warped. The architecture can be quiet in every setting. Due to that plantation, shutters are entirely bespoke and customized to your windows, a very versatile option.

You can create custom-shaped shutters that fit any window.

Temperature control

Shutters are an additional barrier and a layer of insulation to a home. In the summer, when direct sunlight beams through your windows, it offers shade and helps keep the home cooler. During winter, when cold outside, it offers another layer of insulation to your windows to help keep warmth in.