Make Your Balconies Stylish with Composite Balcony Decking

Make Your Balconies Stylish with Composite Balcony Decking

The man-made product that is made of minerals, natural fibers, and recycled plastics is called composite balcony decking. Many materials in the market can be used for deckings like aluminum, stone, and porcelain, but composite is becoming the most popular choice of architects, even though many people are not familiar with it. This type of decking is manufactured precisely for outdoor deckings. It is the best alternative to timbre and gives a wooden aesthetic look to your balconies.

Advantages of composite balcony decking over timbre:

composite balcony decking

Timbre is the most common material used for decking, but in some cases, it might not always be suitable to use timbre. As it is highly combustible and demands a lot of time-to-time maintenance. Therefore, people have started to replace timbre with composites. Some advantages of composites over timbre are:

  • Does not require time-to-time maintenance
  • Can survive in extreme weather conditions
  • Non-slippery and is safe to use for flooring
  • Non-combustible
  • It is not very expensive
  • Heat resistant and offers a cool underfoot surface in summers
  • Very reliable and is protected against molds
  • Available in a variety of designs
  • Highly versatile
  • Manufactured to endure extreme conditions

Are the materials used in composite balcony decking safe?

Depending on the combustibility, some composites are A-rated and some are B-rated. The a-rated ones are not flammable and are suitable for high-rise residential areas whereas the b-rated ones contain plastic elements which make them flammable.

The materials used in making composite decking are far more than the materials that are used in timbre decking which makes it a better choice for people. The latest technology has made the materials used in the composite of very high quality which will give you a perfect aesthetic and stylish balcony.

Problems with composite balcony decking:

Besides having many advantages, this type of decking also has some problems that people have experienced.

  • The Floor becomes slippery when wet
  • Fades after some time
  • The boards start to peel because of expansion and contraction
  • It is heavy which causes boards to bend
  • Have some wood fibers that attract bacteria

A balcony is also an important part of your house, where you can enjoy the outside environment while still being inside your house. Certain changes can help transform this cozy area and can make it more stylish. Many decking companies can help you design your dream balcony. They help in the decking process which comes with more than 10 years of warranty of staying consistent.