Greenslade Is The Answer For Where To Buy Potting Soil In Singapore

Greenslade Is The Answer For Where To Buy Potting Soil In Singapore

About GreenSpade website

Green spade website is a very good website that works for improving the green nature of the plants. The website works on the various natural products of the earth, namely seeds, soil, pots, substrates, lifestyle, and tools. Green spade website works on functional and physical aspects of the earth. Let us discuss the different potting soil sold by the GreenSpade website. 

Potting soil

Potting soil is the soil used on the land or container or small pots to make plants grow well on the soil. The soil varieties are more, and the soil is sold at GreenSpade at an appropriate rate. Having land and searching for where to buy potting soil in Singapore, the answers are below. 

Land soil

This soil is used on the earth to grow huge trees and high-length plants.

       This type of soil helps to contain water-absorbing effects on the soil so that the water gets retained in the soil more.

       The water retention effects on the soil are more in this soil variety.

       One can put organic compost made from earthworms and other decaying compost in this soil which helps to make the soil bind to it.

       The organic soil helps make trees grow with high nourishment, and the fruits have high fruit value. 

where to buy potting soil in Singapore

Container soil

       The soils can also be put in various containers, and those are called container soil.

       These soils can make the breath of the soil more permeable, and the soil particles used on this come in light-weight quantities.

       These lightweight soils are the best for putting them in containers or pots. 

Different soil varieties

       GS organic spray bottles

       Lime sulfur 100ml

       5-5-5 biofertilizer 2.5 L

       Akadama soil 16L

       Bioprotect 500ml

       Bone meal powder 2.5L

       Cactus and succulent mix 5L

       Lime sulfur 

Bacterial soil varieties

       Neem oil concentrated (1 liter)

       Neem oil RTU (500ml)- This Neem oil mix soil produces a bacterial effect on the soil and makes it away from bugs and insects.

       Nutriyield 500ml – contains enough nutrients to make the soil nutritious.

       Organic potting soil is a type of potting soil that tends to grow organic plants.

       Organic vermicast can be the mixture of the earthworm compost put in the soil.

       Plant vitalizer- To provide vital nutrients to the plant, a vitalizer is used. Vitalizer not only vitalizes the plant but also makes it grow very strong. 


If one has a question about where to buy potting soil in Singapore, the best answer would be Green Spade.