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Amazing vintage furniture shops you can check in Melbourne

Antique shopping is simple than it is used to be.  With the advent of technology, it is now easier to search online. Instead of visiting the local and pricey storefronts, you can now check Instagram for a whole new world of vintage furniture. Checking on Instagram broadens what’s in store for you, yet it also needs quick thinking and patience.

Know how to shop for melbourne vintage furniture

  • You must know your budget at all times

This will aid instantly handling out anything that’s beyond of reach. Also consider the shipping costs, once the seller is overseas or interstate. It may lead to paying as much as for shipping compared to the item itself.

  • Research is the key

Always check on when your favorite sellers have a new inventory uploaded. Set a reminder on your phone if you’re serious about it. It’s also necessary to make your research into the legitimacy and reputation of each seller.

  • Be confident in your decision

It will be easier for sellers about their job when they have serious offers-only mindset followers.

Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Melbourne

  • The Junk Company

You shouldn’t be swindled by the name.  You’ll be glad to discover the walls heaving with 1960s coffee tables. Cabinets, rusty antique stage lights, and sideboards have been hit about the excellence.

  • Tarlo and Graham

Specializing in the unusual and exotic. A visit to Tarlo and Graham is tiny like visiting the museum of curiosities. Dentist lights, church pulpits, a model plane, and shoemakers benches.



  • Curated Spaces

Curated Spaces is managed by Pip Newell that you can check on Instagram. Vintage shopping is time-consuming, and Pip is aware of that, so you don’t need to go over everything.

  • Old Gold Trading Co.

Old Gold Trading Co. provides a solid and broad range of on-trend vintage and unique furniture. The other big selling point of this new Sydney-based is the consistent and clean photography. The lighthearted tone of voice and amazing captions. This is worth following on Instagram.

  • Retro Furniture Amigo

This account is an expert in restoring what appears to be a broad range of replica and authentic Cesca chairs. Use extra parts sourced from elsewhere and warehouses. So you can follow them on social media if you’re searching for your own set.

  • Nook Vintage

The people behind Nook Vintage have received so much over the years. That they have now launched a vast warehouse space. Filled with just the sort of homewares and industrial/ melbourne vintage furniture. That seems to have captured Melbourne’s imagination. Also, they offer locally at no extra cost.

  • Red Rider

Red Rider will relieve you into the swing of things. With their simple also restored the 20th Century, Danish modern places. They also provide amazing prices, you can have your collection going when you visit once.

These are some of the best vintage stores on Instagram and local places in Melbourne you can check.