4 reviews for Black N’ Sweet

  1. Jonas4k47

    BNS is the best strain ever. I smoke on it, morning and evening. it keeps me calm and relaxed

  2. Limonene_guy84

    one of those all-around good trains not too heavy a high not too low when it comes to the high I think it’s almost perfectly balanced basically it checks almost every box and ez to grow with high yields

  3. czilla

    I had heard about black and sweet on the street as far back as 2012, its a legendary strain. Finally got to try the real thing from this dispensary today. Its probably the most clear headed weed I’ve ever smoked. It’s really easy to focus and think on this stuff. I played two games of Apex Legends and did much better than normal (I’m usually terrible). I usually have terrible anxiety that causes stomach issues but all of that stress has melted away. I see why this strain is so popular. Its a perfect daytime medicine for somebody who doesn’t want to get too high. I suppose my only complaint would be you can’t sleep on this stuff, but that’s not why you buy blue dream. Highly recommended.

  4. squeekxlove

    This is the best if you just want to go all night long. Amazing upper and makes everything feel so good.

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