8 reviews for Atomic OG RYO Kit

  1. Christian brookes

    Been looking for the best suppliers and here they are they are always on time

  2. Misschris123

    This strain has been a lifesaver for me. It is easily used during the day to combat my headaches without making me feel any cerebral affects. It is my go-to daytime strain. I highly recommend it!

  3. Kasdohad000

    It’s one of my favorite strains, and I’ve been smoking for about 7 years now

  4. bstarkey16

    One of my all time favorites. Feels like pure bliss. Good for daytime/afternoon smoking. Smells like tree sap. Tastes kind of citrusy. I’ve had it in cartridge form as well and it was just as good.

  5. IdunnasApples

    all time favorite, has that quality old school great taste. very smooth ride.

  6. sf_hippie

    this is my first medical strain and it checked all the boxes. I felt relief for once.

  7. Kelsie2232

    My absolute favorite. I was with my girl and she said she had a bag of platinum Girl Scout cookies and a bag of blue dream. We smoked the platinum Og ryo . I got stuck watching this really pretty flickering red and blue light speaker, she fell asleep. Bliss. I was at peace

  8. Raieonn

    didn’t really like this strain, i felt relaxed but couldnt sleep at all until it wore off.

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