8 reviews for Animal cookies

  1. candace doglas

    Very Amazing service products are fire

  2. Alen Murray

    Very secured and discreet

  3. Bradley hanson

    high rated products they taste fire

  4. Tommy petersmitch

    Got referred by my brother and it was all he said vey perfect and sweet

  5. Ellie101

    Really good for anxiety and destressing and I wasn’t paranoid at all

  6. Mads14

    I was in a crash last year and since then I’ve struggled with chronic back pain. Many doctors brush me off because I am young and normally tell me to take some ibuprofen. But nothing I’ve ever been given has helped. Tonight though, I smoked some cookies and for the first time in 8 months my back didn’t hurt. I could twist around, lay sideways, nothing hurt. 100% reccomend for stubborn pain

  7. FatButFlagrant

    real good sativa dominant, fun high and great flavor

  8. elvira420bitchh

    Calming – Anti-Anxiety Fighter – Sleepy – Relaxed After using klonopin to treat panic attacks for years, animal cookies is my weapon of choice (for me!!! it’s okay if your body is different)

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