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Difference between apartment and condo

Several tenants may be surprised to learn that condominiums and apartments are not quite the same things, despite the reality that they have numerous commonalities. The distinctions between a condominium and a flat are numerously stemming from rights. Though an owner owns and manages a new condo for sale singapore, an apartment is usually owned and maintained by a firm called a property maintenance corporation. Let’s delve into the specifics of each lease choice to learn a little about it.

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  • A condominium which is also commonly called a “condo” by most individuals is a residential dwelling that is leased out to renters such as you. A condo is usually found in a housing estate or complex, but the component is privately run by a person who is indeed the homeowner of the property. Leasing a condominium would be more of a personalized, one-on-one procedure than leasing an apartment since the homeowner has complete control over who is authorized to lease their property. Nevertheless, until they reside in some other apartment they possess in the very same complex, the owner will not be on site.
  • An apartment is a rented house that is generally controlled, rather than merely managed by a real estate firm and is situated in a block of flats, complexes, or society, depending on the circumstances. Most of the apartments in a block of flats are similar, the landlord is the same, and each tenant abides by the same rules for leasing a home in the community. Each renter accounts to the same building manager, who is usually located in the rental agency at the entrance of the society or within the facility, along with hired agents.
  • So, what distinguishes a condominium from an apartment? None in terms of appearance. The distinction between the two is due to proprietorship. You now understand that a flat is located inside a compound that comprises many other units that are controlled by a single organization, usually a company, and then rented to multiple renters. A condo, on the other hand, is controlled by a single member and is often maintained by that someone or by the condo society’s owners group, which commonly enlists the help of a management company.
  • In the case of renting Cando, the landlord for you will be the owner and in the case of an apartment the landlord will be the manager and he will act as the owner.


Hope this information will help you to understand the difference between the apartment and Cando.